Medford, OR (2009-?)

I have enjoyed playing music...but have done so more sparingly...being involved in making a home ours...loving life with julie...and seeing the sights of oregon. i am mixing a recording now that has been an idea for some time but did not have time to add many it is fairly simple. it was a new years resolution to write and record a song in 2010...and i basically met that goal but had to mix it in 2011. the idea of the song came about when we were moving to oregon. and it's taken shape more and more as i look out to the south toward a mountain peak, draped in evergreen trees with a backdrop of crystal blue sky. the fishing metaphor refers to the nearby lakes that are surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

Green and the Blue

Bay Area, CA (2006-2009)

In my most recent music, I'm really trying to get the most out of the Neumann Microphone. It's very sensitive, and of course it's limited to my other equipment, vocal ability, and skill on the guitar...the latter of which I'm seriously struggling. I'm also dabbling on the piano function in the Fruityloops software.

Song For Julie

Olympia, WA (2004-2006)

Here, I'm using ProTools software for the first time, along with a Neumann TLM-103 microphone, of which I haven't totally found the right setup for.

Just a Little

Columbia, SC (2002-2003)

These were my next set of recordings...where I now had a steady income for a little better equipment and some time to myself in the new town. I had recently purchased my first microphone, a simple Peavey Dynamic Mic--usually used for live performances, and was recording onto Cakewalk Guitar Pro software. The drum loops were created using Fruityloops Express software. As you can tell, I tried using as many effects as possible...for better or for worse. In The Good Fight, after fiddling around a bit, I included excerpts from speeches by Lou Gherig, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jim Valvano, the inspiring coach of the NC State Men's Basketball team who passed away from cancer years after winning a national championship.
More importantly, I was able to make music with good friends in a band called TurnKey. We played a couple small shows and put together a full cd of original music...and had an incredibly good time doing it. Here you can find the album for free.

The Good Fight

Chattanooga, TN (2001)

This was my first experience using my own equipment to record. A friend was getting married, and I didn't have much money...but lots of time, so I figured I'd record some music for him and his wife.

Song for Andy and Jenn

State College, PA (2000-2001)

This was my first experience recording music. Chris Johannesson, Chris Chen, Andy Allan, and myself practiced in a basement of a nearby dormitory and then used the music building late at long as we played some Lynyrd Skynyrd for the custodian. We were all novices at this, but it was a lot of fun. We took what we had into a nearby studio, and with our limited funds(thus, limited time in the studio), whipped out three original songs and one cover. Here's a sample.

Of Faith and Love

Influences (1979-??)

I gained much of my appreciation for music from my mom. From an early age, I was either listening to her sing in church or being directed by her in various choirs. I believe in the short span of my childhood, I was exposed to almost every type of music from jazz, to African spiritual, to motown, to Baroque. The world is much brighter with music. Thanks Mom.