Music to Live With

What type of music do I like you may ask?

well...any type as long as it rocks. and i use the term rock very liberally. in my rock is to move you. every one of these following songs pushes and pulls in one way another...and very different ways i might add. enjoy previewing these on itunes or whatever music source you may utilize.

My brother and wife danced to this song at their wedding...awesome. Shine On, John Cruz
Assuredly will increase angst and leave you with a sore neck...and perhaps a sore throat... Set Phasers to Stun, Taking Back Sunday
If you want to absolutely forget someone in a way that rocks...hard Burn, Sensefield
Beauty put in the form of may even cause one to shed a tear Dream, Priscilla Ahn
Motivation for a better you and a better us...almost any song by this band but I've highlighted a few Meant to Live; Dare You to Move; Burn Out Bright, Switchfoot
To understand and fear another person...unlike and like us at the same time John Wayne Gacy, Jr., Sufjan Stevens
Fired up about the state of a mellow way unlike any other Sleep Through the Static, Jack Johnson
Contemporary Christian music that breaks the mold of that category...and manages to rock Hey You, I Love Your Soul, Skillet
Contemplate feelings of those that lose friends to something they can't control...the show "Intervention" comes to mind Drugs or Me, Jimmy Eat World
Jazz guitar in a way that eases stress and places you in a better time and a better place... A Nightingale Sang in Barkeley Square, The Steve Abshire Quartet
A song to be a rebel to...and one of the best rock voices ever...not a song your parents would like Some Kinda Hate, The Misfits
Melancholy at its best. To Forgive, The Smashing Pumpkins